Dennison Tri Sliding Bodie Block Platform Trailer & Atlas Roller Crane



Dennison Sliding Bogie Block Platform Trailer including Atlas 105.2A1l Roll Loader Crane Manufactured: 2016

MOT Expiry: 2021  Crane LOLER Expiry: 2021

Trailer Specification:              

Overall Length:             13,000mm        Front Deck: 9160mm     Rear Deck: 3840mm     

Overall Width:               2,550mm          King Pin:   1,300mm      Neck Depth: 254mm

Fifth Wheel Height:       1,250mm

Gross Trailer Weight:    39,00Kgs          Axle Weight: 8,000Kg    King Pin Weight: 15,000Kg           

Axles:                          3 off BPW 9t Eco Plus Disc Brakes

                                    Automatic Lift Axle, Auto Lift, Auto Drop with traction override.

                                    Spring Brake Cylinders

Tyres:                          6 x 385x65R22.5 super singles

Brake System:             Knorr Brems TEBS 2 EBS Braking System (2S2M load sensing & roll stability)

Floor:                           28mm Keruing hardwood floor

Headboard:                 1200mm headboard to EN12642-XL Certified

Ancillary:                     Deck rings spaced at 1000mm inetrvals 8 front deck, 4 rear deck

                                    2 x 1000mm Tool Box - Plastic

                                    Rear Camera

                                    Block Protector Carrying Box - Alloy                              

                                    Reverse Alarm 

                                    2 sets of steps

                                    Strobe lights to rear of trailer

Crane Specification:    Atlas 105.2A1L Top Seat

SWL:                            6.1m = 1300Kgs

                                    4.2m = 1880kgs

                                    1.9m = 4173Kgs

Safety:                         Optical and audible overload warning & emergency stop

Auxiliary Engine:         Hatz Silent Pack Engine


Can be supplied as crane only  or with: - 

1. New Block Grab & Rotator

2. 5 Finger Concrete Beam Grab

3. Atlas R&M

Painting in customer colours available

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 Price on application

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