Eurotrail UK Limited - "Driving your business forward"

Formed in 1997 EuroTrail are a commercial vehicle specialist that provides an extensive range of transport solutions from vehicle rental and contract hire to fleet management, contract logistics, finance, equipment sourcing and consultancy.

From roots that are steeped in commercial vehicle franchising and operations, the business has expanded into a nationally recognised leader in the supply of heavy-duty commercial vehicles and specialist equipment to a broad spectrum of industry. The company’s development and success is in the belief that we need to be more to our customers than financial or vehicle supply partners, we recognise that utilisation of the product supplied is a customer priority and we share the value of operational efficiency.

In October 2021, EuroTrail were fully acquired by TIP Trailer Services through their subsidiary Grayrentals Ltd. The timing and acquisition of Eurotrail has been a perfect match for both businesses.  Our new parent has many years of industry experience coupled with a high-level reputation known nationally and globally in this sector and will provide the business with financial stability and future growth funding.

The retention by our parent of the current management in Eurotrail is key to maintaining continuation of business relationships with our customers, but now supported by a hugely successful group practice.

Our commitment to maintain these long-term relationships with our customers is shared by our parent which means we can be relied on to provide the highest levels of support and services for our mutual benefit.